Instructors (Spring)

Eric Monson

Duke University

Teaching: Introduction to Effective Information Visualization

Eric Monson is a data visualization specialist with the Duke University Libraries’ Data and Visualization Services. Although his PhD is in Applied Physics, from 2007 until he joined DVS in 2015, he collaborated with Duke faculty and graduate students from Math to Computational Biology to Art History, helping them transform, visualize and understand their data. In this position he enjoys introducing people to important skills they need but were never trained in, whether that means teaching visual design and communication to scientists, or helping humanists incorporate technology into their scholarship.

Justin Post

NC State University

Teaching: Basics of R for Data Science and Statistics

Justin Post is a Teaching Assistant Professor and the Director of Undergraduate Research in the Department of Statistics at North Carolina State University. Teaching has always been his passion and that is his main role at NCSU. He teaches undergraduate and graduate courses – including both traditional classes and online courses. Justin is also involved in sports analytics and is an R enthusiast.

Laura Tateosian

NC State University

Teaching: Introduction to Python

Laura Tateosian is a Research Assistant Professor in the Center for Geospatial Analytics at NC State University. She is a computer scientist with a research focus on visualizing geospatial-temporal data. She uses controlled studies and eye tracking technology to investigate innovative ways to represent and interact with geospatial data.  Her interests include aesthetic climatology geovisualization, coastal terrain time-series visualization, gaze-based map interaction, geo-mining narrative archives, storytelling with maps, and open-source natural resources web mapping.

Angela Zoss

Duke University

Teaching: Visualization for Data Science in R

Angela Zoss is an Assessment & Data Visualization Analyst with the Duke University Libraries. She has been teaching visualization practices and tools for over 10 years, including six years as a Data Matters instructor and over 100 workshops, guest lectures, and conference presentations. In her role as Duke University’s first Data Visualization Coordinator, she created new library workshops on visualization; hosted an annual student data visualization contest; co-organized a weekly talk series on visualization topics; consulted with students, researchers, and faculty members on research projects; and helped to introduce visualization concepts and tools into several undergraduate and graduate courses. She holds a Master of Science in Communication from Cornell University and a Ph.D. in Information Science from Indiana University. She is a certified instructor for both RStudio (tidyverse certified) and The Carpentries.